Acoustec ceiling dye is the perfect solution for bringing new life to your old acoustical ceiling tiles.  This non-toxic, odorless spray will give your space the new look it needs.  Acoustec will also retain 95% of the sound absorption qualities as well as it's fire rating.  Instead of spending a lot of time and money replacing the ceiling tiles, you will find that this spray system is the answer - both in convenience and price.


Scuffmaster brings a new dimension to any commercial space.  Rich tones and subtle metallic formations make it perfect for accents, elevator doors, architectural features, specialty walls, and many surfaces and substrates in between.  It is an exceptionally durable, water-based polyurethene, which is 100% LEED compliant, making it creatively flexible and usable on all types of surfaces.


Electrostatic paint is an application of a two part positively charged electrostatic paint to a grounded metal surface, resulting in a factory like finish - even on the most intricately shaped objects.  An additional advantage to this method is that there is no overspray as with conventional paint application methods.  This means we can come to your facility or residence and complete your metal refinishing project economically with minimal inconvenience or downtime to your operations.